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Get long, lush lashes that last for weeks

Saturday, June 09, 2012

What do Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Robin Robert, Tyra Banks and Jennifer Lopez have in common? Eyelash extensions; they are all the rage on the red carpet.

A lot of people think that celebrities have things that are unattainable, and this is one of those things that is attainable and very affordable.

Deneen Jackson of Deneen Marcel Lashes in Center City says ladies can add a little drama with a partial set for $125 or go for the longest, most luscious lashes with a full set for $250. They can be synthetic, silk, even mink.

It is a very small accessory that makes a big difference.

One lash at a time, a medical grade adhesive connects the faux lash to your real one.

"I'll tell you what my clients tell me," Deneen said, "they just wake up pretty."

Gabriella Esser, who describes her natural lashes as short, was inspired. She went for the celebrity-trendy cat eye look.

"I heard they are fabulous and last for a decent amount of time," said Gabriella.

Deneen says they can last about 60 days, and her client, Nikki Dupree says it's easy to get hooked!

Without a full mink set, she says her lashes are short, stubby, but after about an hour and a half and 60 long, dramatic extensions per eye, her eyelashes are popping.

"I love them. I look beautiful again!" Nikki said.

Ashley Gadille at Dina Alon Hair and Makeup Studio in Center City uses a brand called extreme lash.

"I usually double the length of someone's lashes, double the thickness," said Gadille.

A full set here will run you $275, and its $75 to touch up every few weeks.

They don't come off in the shower, and you can just wake up with your lashes ready to go.

Stephanie Masten is trying them for the first time, because she says she's sick of messy, heavy falsies.

"I can tell when someone's wearing them because you have that thick line going across your lid," said Stephanie.

After her full set, she says she'll never go back to the strips.

"It looks like I have mascara on, and I have absolutely nothing on my eyes right now," Stephanie said. "It looks natural."

Intrigued by the idea, Alicia Vitarelli gave it a whirl.

Gadille says they won't damage or compromise your natural lashes, won't cause any kind of allergic reaction because they don't actually touch the skin, and can easily be removed if you change your mind.

The only catch is you must have lashes to get the extensions.

"I have to have actual hair to attach the fake lash to," Gadille said.

She promised it would be painless.

Alicia says she didn't feel a thing, and in the end, she loved them.

And the pros offer these tips to keep your new lash extensions looking fabulous:

  • They recommend not using waterproof mascara.
  • You should also avoid oil-based make-up remover.
  • Eyelash curlers will also damage your extensions.

    Both salons are offering special coupon codes for Action News viewers with $100 in savings for the first 100 customers.

    Deneen Jackson is offering 100 viewers a set of mink lashes for just $75! That's a $300 value. You must use the code "action news mink lashes" by February 29th when you make your appointment.

    And Ashley, with the Dina Alon Salon is also offering 100 viewers a special deal. Get $100 off a set of lashes when you use the code "action news lashes".


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