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In 2008, Broad and Lombard was the scene where a 2-year-old stole the hearts of many at the Phillies Victory Parade

Ever since the 'How Big is Will' clip made its way onto YouTube, it became an instant hit, 2 years later, it's drawn close to a million views.

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"Occasionally we'll meet somebody who recognizes him, or it'll come up in conversation then people get excited to know that Will is the Will from 'How Big is Will,'" Will's mom Heather Gregg said.

That adorable little boy is now an energetic, precocious 3-and-a-half-year-old whose still one of the smallest, yet biggest Phillies phans around.

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The Greggs recently took Will and his little sister Jillian to their first game.

"He was mesmerized by the crowd, by the lights, by the players on the field and he did a good job following the action," Heather said.

He's also been practicing his swing.

And now even at 14-months-old, little Jilly seems to be following in her big brother's footstep as she put her hands up when asked, "How big is Jilly?"

So if the Phillies can pull off another World Series victory, does this mean there could be another viral hit in our midst?

"I've thought about going to the same intersection and seeing if it happens again," Heather said.

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