Ever heard the saying "Lightning never strikes the same place twice." We've got two people in Wilmington who you wouldn't want to be with to test out that theory.

The feat they recently pulled off together is about as rare as it gets, and it's enough to make plenty of golfers more than a little bit jealous.

Sinking a hole-in-one, is the shot all golfers dream of, and, on rare occasions, it actually happens.

But what happened in Wilmington at the Delaware National Country Club on Friday, April 2nd was more than these golf buddies could have ever dreamed.

Jack Burke and Tom Muldoon were playing together for the first time as part of a four; they were on the 12th hole. Tom Muldoon teed off and hit his sixth hole-in-one in 35 years of playing golf.

"The formula is just be a little lucky and hit the right club," Muldoon told Action News. "There was eight guys up on the other tee waiting for us and they were yelling and hollering. It was exciting."

But the excitement didn't end there.

After the next golfer, it was Jack Burke's turn. Jack already had a pair of holes-in-one on his resume.

"And then he got up there and says, 'Wouldn't that be something if I got up there and hit this ball in the hole?'" recalls Muldoon.

"So I got up and I hit a knock down 7 iron and (it) went boom, boom, boom.. right in the hole," Burke said.

"Of course everybodys hollering, I'm hollering, he's hollering... We're high-fiving and it just, It didn't hit us that the stats on this.... "

Bill Gardner witnessed the two holes-in-one and immediately did a search on his Blackberry.

"It came back that there were 17,000,000-to-1 odds of two people in the same foursome getting a hole-in-one," Gardner said.

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