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Mrs. Fixit: Modern twist on doorbells

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Did you know that there is more to think about than who is at the door when it comes to your doorbell?

There are some cool new choices out there and I'll show you how they all work.

Your traditional doorbell runs on low voltage electricity that sends a signal through a transformer and to a box that holds the chimes you hear.

There are a variety of buttons around but they all work the same.

Your second option is a wireless doorbell.

This option allows for an easy installation because you don't have to worry about any wires, only batteries.

Plus you can mount the buttons and the chime anywhere that suits your tastes and needs.

These varieties also have cool options like being able to program and change the tone to something that you prefer.

If you like the idea of not working with electricity but aren't loving the look or sound of the wireless doorbell, why not take a step back in time.

I found an antique replica hand turn doorbell online. Installation was simple and I love the look and sound.

I hope this doorbell 1-2-3 has given you some inspiration for your home.

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