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Mrs. Fixit: Plumbing Coat Rack

Saturday, March 24, 2012

These simple and inexpensive plumbing elements are just the tools you need to build an awesome custom coat rack for your home!

Before you get started, wipe down all of the pieces with a cloth and some rubbing alcohol. This process will remove all of the oil that the pipes are treated with and the dirt that has stuck to the oil in the store and in transit.

You will need two to three flanges, spacers, as many faucet turn knobs as you need hooks, and smaller pieces of pipe to fit between each faucet fitting.

Basically, the faucets are going to become your coat hooks, so you want to space them far enough apart that you can hang the coats without crowding them.

I would suggest laying out the pieces so you can see where you would like all of the pieces to fit together. Once you've determined spacing, simply screw all of the plumbing parts together.

The flanges will act as your wall mounts, so depending on the length of the coat rack, I would recommend adding an additional flange every five feet - so if you want an eight foot coat rack, put an additional flange at four feet.

When everything is assembled you just need to mount it to the wall! Simple, economical and totally adaptable! Try it, I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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