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Mrs. Fixit: Easy Bolster Pillow

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bolster pillows look great on a bed, but they can be really expensive. I have an easy way you can make a custom matched bolster for your bed.

For this project you need a foam, egg carton mattress topper, a drapery panel that coordinates with your bedding, an old pair of stockings and some curtain tieback tassels.

Cut the legs off of the stocking right at the top of the leg so you have two legs.

Lay the topper out flat and then roll it up so it looks like a bolster.

Then slip the stockings over the roll from one side and then overlap going over the other side. The stockings will hold the bolster in the correct shape preventing the egg carton from coming unrolled.

Now, take the drapery panel and fold the two ends in so that you have some extra fabric you can tie up at either end but not so much that it will be floppy.

Now, roll the drapery around the bolster until you've reached the end.

Secure either end of the bolster with the drapery tie backs and you're done. Depending on how much you will move the bolster you may want to throw a couple of stitches along the long seam to hold it together. Try it! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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