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Mrs. Fixit: Wax Paper

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wax paper, it sits in the drawer next to your foil and plastic wrap, but how often does it get used? A whole lot more now - I have some ideas!

If you like to make waffles, heat the waffle iron and then close it on a sheet of wax paper briefly. The wax will transfer to the iron making it non-stick and the wax won't burn and build up like oil and butter can.

You can also do this trick after you're done with iron before you store it to protect the surface of the plates.

Did you know that it's better to wrap cheese in wax paper than plastic wrap? The wax will cling to the surface of the cheese and keep it fresh without holding too much if you're sick of water spots on your faucets and fixtures, after you've cleaned and dried them, rub lightly with a piece of wax paper. It will buff the fixtures and repel water and grime!

If you like crafting, use wax paper to protect your work surface if you're gluing a project or doing some decoupage. The glue won't seep through the paper if it drips and it won't stick to your project either!

A few simple ideas to put wax paper back to work for you! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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