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Mrs. Fixit: Sanding Tricky Spots

Sunday, July 08, 2012

These cute little tables have been sitting around for a while because I haven't wanted to sand these turned legs and recessed areas. But I'm ready to tackle the project and I have some ideas to make it easier.

To sand turned legs like this, make yourself some sanding strips. Lay strips of duct tape along the back of a piece of sandpaper.

Then cut the sandpaper into strips that are about the same width as the area that you need to sand.

From here think shoe shine! Pull the strips back and forth all around those intricate areas, the pulling gives you just enough resistance to really work the old finish off of the wood.

To sand a curve or dip like this find a round item that fits the area that you're sanding. A pencil is going to be a great fit for this piece.

Just wrap the sandpaper around the pencil and rub it back and forth into the recess.

For little lines and other intricate areas, use a metal pick like this one that is desgined for trussing turkey's to gently dig into those tiny areas.

I hope you use these tricks to tackle your next refinishing project! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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