Raleigh Durham Swine Flu Resources

Information on the web

Wake County

Wake County Swine Flu vaccination locations

More Wake Co. info

Durham County

Durham County Health Department

Cumberland County

Cumberland County Health Department

Cape Fear Valley public message line
(910) 615-HELP

Orange County

Orange County Health Department

Chatham County

Chatham County Health Department

Swine Flu information and message phone line for the public (919) 545-8397.

Johnston County

Johnston County Health Department

More information

For more facts about influenza, and more information about Swine Flu, please visit some of these specific resources:

Who should and shouldn't get the vaccine (.pdf)

N.C. Resources

Find a flu center anywhere in North Carolina

NC Dept of Health and Human Services
Information page

U.S. Department of Agriculture

General information about Swine Flu

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

General information about Swine Flu

Latest from the CDC on the Swine Flu investigation

Swine Flu Case Definitions

Swine Flu Infection Control and Patient Care

Preventing the Flu

Video: Science of a sneeze

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