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More information and fluoride studies


From ABC 11:

Our I-Team story on water fluoridation has generated tremendous response from viewers, readers, dental professionals and advocates on this contentious issue. While our email in-box suggests strong opinions on all sides, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), The American Dental Association (ADA) and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services all strongly support fluoridated water. Links to those organizations are included below. ABC 11 will stay on this story and report any further developments.

More information and fluoride studies:

Basic Information about Fluoride in Drinking Water
Questions and Answers on Fluoride
Fluoride-Related Skeletal Effects: Evaluations of Key Studies December 2010
Six-Year Review of Drinking Water Standards

Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

American Dental Association (ADA):

American Dental Association (ADA):

North Carolina Oral Health:

Fluoride Action Network

Fluoridation 101

Information specific to North Carolina

National Institute of Dental Health


Harvard study that found a "statistically significant, remarkably robust" relationship between exposure to fluoridated water during the 6th, 7th, and 8th years of life and the development of osteosarcoma in adolescence among boys.

2012 Harvard Report which reviewed 27 studies on how fluoride affects children

Study funded by the National Institutes of Health concerning fluoride's effect on developing bone in children.


Consumer advocate Ralph Nader discusses his views on water fluoridation

An Inconvenient Tooth (documentary)

Corey Sturmer's website

"Fluoride Fightin' Tuesdays in Raleigh, NC"

Household-friendly water filters that remove fluoride.

Fluoride content of bottled water by type