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ABC11 SAF-T-Net - Severe Weather Text Alerts


Stay safe with critical weather information you can only get
from ABC11 Eyewitness News and SAF-T-Net!

It's your own personal forecast sent immediately to your cell phone as storms head your way. The latest text alert warnings sent directly from Chief Meteorologist Chris Hohmann and his entire team to help keep you safe!

It's easy, it's free - And it's only from ABC11 Eyewitness News.

Keep you and your family safe.
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If you receive SAF-T-Net alerts on your mobile phone via SMS you can:
  • Pause your messages by texting STOP to 61872
  • Resume your messages by texting START to 61872
  • Set a maximum of 30 messages per month (the default) by texting LESS to 61872
  • Set an unlimited number of messages per month by texting MORE to 61872
  • Get help by texting HELP to 61872