Silver Sneakers

Friday, August 03, 2007

A lot of seniors in the Triangle are lacing up their "silver sneakers" these days. It's a popular workout helping seniors stay fit and healthy.

Silver Sneakers a catchy name for a class that's really catching on with seniors. "I do this class twice Mondays and Fridays," 81-year-old Millia Nugara said.

Betsy Turlington adds, "I love it. It gets you out and gets you sort of going for the day and you just feel better when you get out."

Feeling better is what Silver Sneakers is all about. 69-year-old John Burnside explains, "It exercises all the muscles in your body." Ed Burtoft adds, "Everybody gets a chair and a lot of the exercises are chair exercises so its not heavy duty its just movement."

The movements are designed to help seniors with everyday living. Silver Sneakers instructor Keri Bruno explains, "Picking up groceries picking up their grandkids, getting out of a chair by themselves." She adds, "Increasing strength for seniors and things that will keep them more independent and keep them out of their doctor's offices."

Certified instructors teach Silver Sneakers classes and the class at Healthtrax in Raleigh is one of the most popular. "Very popular they are the most excited participants I've ever seen," Bruno said.

The participants in Silver Sneakers get other benefits besides exercise classes. The nationwide program also provides social events and healthy lifestyle programs for seniors to keep them active and fit - and for this group, it seems to be working.

You can check with your health insurance provider to see if it participates in the Silver Sneakers program. Certain Medicare plans provide it for free.

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