Frat's Flag Rankles Neighborhood

Friday, April 28, 2006

A Raleigh neighborhood has become a battleground over the Confederate flag.

The controversy centers around an N.C. State fraternity. Many in the mostly black neighborhood are angry that the Farmhouse Fraternity is flying the flag.

Seeing confederate flags in his neighborhood has bradley landon seeing red.

"The demographic of our neighborhood is a low-income black neighborhood," said Bradley Landon. "I find it extremely offensive and I'm not black."

Landon took pictures of the flag and complained to NCSU officials.

"The campus recognizes the charter of that frat," he said. "Being that the campus has approved the frat, I would think the campus has standards for that frat, one of them not being offensive in the community."

There is no policy on flag-flying at frat houses, according to the president of Greek Life at N.C. State. While he would not go on camera, he tells Eyewitness News that complaints of the confederate flags were resolved.

The president of the Farmhouse Fraternity agrees. He also declined an on-camera interview. He says they agreed to stop flying the most well-known Confederate battle flag, but they will not stop flying others from that era.

The president of the Farmhouse Fraternity says they are not trying to offend anyone by continuing to fly some Confederate flags. He says they are exercising their freedom of speech and there is no issue. But their neighbor says the issue is much bigger.

"There was no real concern on the part of the campus and the university as far as their impact on their reputation," Landon said.

Landon is hoping his concerns will get state to revisit its flag policies.

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