Young Murder Investigation Continues

Friday, November 17, 2006

The crime tape is gone, but the investigation is still active in the murder of a young Raleigh mother.

Michelle Young, 29, was found beaten to death November 3 inside her home just south of Raleigh. The pregnant woman's 2-year-old daughter was found alive inside the house with her mother's body.

The Enchanted Oaks subdivision near Lake Wheeler may be getting back to normal, but the murder scene is not going to be forgotten anytime soon.

"It's caused a lot of anxiousness," said Carl Kiger, who lives across the street from the Youngs' house.

He and other neighbors worried about a killer on the loose until investigators said it was not a random crime. Since then, they worried about how seeing a crime scene each day would affect their kids.

"It causes them to have a lot of questions," Kiger said. "And for the younger kids, you don't want to give too much detail, but you want them to feel safe at the same time."

That's why Kiger was relieved Friday when the crime scene tape came down, and the sheriff's cars pulled out of the neighborhood.

But investigators are far from relieved.

They are still working overtime to make an arrest. Investigators no longer are saying there is no suspect, even though one has not been publicly identified.

"We haven't ruled anybody in," said Sheriff Donnie Harrison. "We haven't ruled anybody out yet."

Among the people involved the investigation is Jason Young, the husband of Michelle Young. Investigators have confiscated his car and gotten a court to get his fingerprints.

While the investigation rolls on, neighbors are glad their neighborhood is slowly returning to normal.

"It's going to allow us to get back to a semblance of normalcy," Kiger said. "Even though they haven't solved the case yet, at least it doesn't have the appearance of being a crime scene anymore."

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