Former Co-Worker Talks About Duke LAX Accuser

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A former nightclub manager shares new information about the accuser in the Duke lacrosse rape case. She sheds light on the days before and after the alleged attack.

Yolanda Haynes a former nightclub manager and a woman who knows the accuser says she originally spoke to the media to defend the accuser, but now she finds herself in the national spotlight.

"I know people are saying, 'What is she doing on TV?'" Haynes said. Expecting some criticism for her first interview with Eyewitness News, Haynes says she was compelled to speak on behalf of the alleged victim.

"I really actually felt sorry for her. I really did," she said.

Haynes says reports that the accuser was at an adult entertainment club she managed the day after the alleged assault and claims that she intended to extort money from Duke lacrosse players are not true.

"I do know she didn't say anything about no money or that she was trying to sue or anything like that," Hayes explained.

Haynes wouldn't call herself a close friend of the alleged victim, but she says she knows her well enough to be concerned.

On March 11th, Haynes says the accuser passed out in the dressing room of the Platinum Club.

"She's leaned up against the wall naked with her arms sprawled out," Haynes said.

She never saw the alleged victim drink that night. Haynes says it took four people to carry the unconscious dancer to her boyfriend's car. She explains that they dropped the dancer on a gravel parking lot that night.

"We dropped her a couple of times just because she was getting heavy," Haynes said.

Defense motions say a scratch on the alleged victim's knee and a small cut on her heel were found. Did it come from the fall just days before the alleged attack? Haynes says she can't say.

"I'd rather not talk to the defense. I'd rather not talk to the prosecution, because of the simple fact I was not there at that house," Haynes said. "I can only talk about her performance at the club."

She says she has fielded numerous media calls and now is regretful for coming forward. Haynes wonders if the attempts to help the alleged victim may actually hurt the woman.

"I hope the boys, if they did it, I hope they get punished. And if they didn't I hope she gets some help," she said.

Haynes says none of the attorneys on either side of the case have contacted her. She has not spoken to the police.

Calls Eyewitness News made to several attorneys were not returned.

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