Popular Radio Personality Faces Reality - Part II

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One day last month something happened to funnyman Bob Dumas on the air that wasn't funny.

"I couldn't say the words just right," Dumas explained. "Got off the air and said, 'something's wrong.'"

And something was wrong.

Days later Dumas and his wife Lou got the news it was a brain tumor.

"Twelve hour later, we were at the house -- both of us crying and scared," he said. "We didn't know what to do." So they prayed. They got on their knees and asked, "Can you help us?"

And in theory darkest hour everything changed.

"Best thing we ever did in our lives," Dumas said. "Literally since that day, to this day, a month later [we have] not been upset, worried, scarred. Just a lot of confidence."

And confidence is exactly what they needed. They chose to remove the tumor, and you won't believe how surgeons did it. It's called a awake craniotomy.

"It's amazing," Dumas exclaimed. "You can't feel it!"

Straight out of the hit ABC show "Grey's Anatomy," Dumas, like the patient on the drama, was fully awake during the middle of surgery.

Doctors us small electric probes to zap the tumor instead of cutting.

"I was ready for anything," said Lou. "It's just the fear of the unknown. Then the surgeon came out with the prognosis, I hugged that man for so long. Everyone on the third floor waiting room heard me screaming!"

"She thought I was going to come out better looking," said Dumas while laughing.

"Yeah, wasn't that in the co-pay," she replied.

And that is another reason they're coping so well. They laughed and cut up during the entire interview. From his scar, to giving the tumor a name.

"We named him Larry," Dumas said. "We asked for Larry in a Mason jar. Can we have it?"

Larry belongs to Duke research now and frankly, so does Dumas. Dumas is a part of research studies at Duke, which has one, if not the best, brain tumor centers.

"Without hope [we] could not face illnesses," Dr. Friedman said. "It's not false hope. It's true hope, and our expectation is that Bob is going to be cured."

It's that hope and faith that has given Dumas a new voice.

"I enjoy my life more than I did before anything was wrong," said Dumas.

And he says he owes it all to what happened off the air in prayers.

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