Free Fences for Dogs in Need

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Durham animal advocates are speaking out about dogs left chained up under the hot sun. They are saying it is simply unacceptable treatment of another living thing.

The group is looking at Durham backyards where they can help those dogs roam freely in a safe enclosed environment. Much of the issue lies in people not being able to afford a proper fence around their property.

The group is convinced that dogs like the ones protecting property on Shirley Caesar Court in Durham need protection.

So members of The Coalition to Unchain Dogs are talking with owners and are learning a great deal

Amanda Arrington, a member of the coalition commented,"They love their dogs but they just don't have the financial means to put up a proper enclosure, and them some, I think the dogs are viewed as property,and so chaining them is an easy, simple and cheap solution."

The coalition uses donations from the public to buy the fence material. People who want the free fences must agree to have their pets spayed or neutered first, another expense covered by the coalition.

It takes about four hours to finish each enclosure. And even under conditions that would make most people sweat, these volunteers say they don't mind putting in the labor. Their payoff is simply seeing the dogs run free in the yard.

One volunteer commented, "From seeing the dog chained up, many times sad, frustrated, a little bit despondent sometimes, to by the end of the day, happy and energetic and full of life, just running around the yard!"

Yard signs and a website help them raise awareness of their work. They'd like to help every chained dog have its day to run, and play

Another volunteer stated,"Unfortunately, there's not an end to the number of dogs that need the fences. So we're just gonna work one at a time and do what we can, and hopefully, eventually, get to all of them!"

With 19 fences done so far, they're looking for more work.

To contact this organization you can call 919-308-3660 or go to or

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